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What class should I pick?

Experienced & Intermediate athletes – This all depends on your goals and we would recommend booking any class that you think might suit your goals best but then chat with the coaches when you come in and they will be able to help you plan your week for the best results. 

Beginners – Getting started here is the hardest part and we cater for all levels. Our experience coaches will look after you and make sure that you are moving correctly and you understand everything. Most classes will be ok to get going but we would recommend avoiding the Tuesday & Thursday CrossFit classes, as they are higher level skill classes. This will be ok once we have a base of strength and have built up some confidence. 

Bone health – Members looking to improve bone health from weight lifting. You should try attend CrossFit Mon, Wed & Fri, any strength class and the Hyrox classes on Tue & Thurs. All have basic strength lifts in the classes, with some conditioning. 

Why Navitas?

Insiders know that CrossFit Navitas has an amazing community and this is something we pride ourselves in. Some gyms have expensive equipment and fancy machines but we have great coaches and we use the most impressive machine of all, the human body.

Our goal is to teach our members to move better and improve their strength and skills a little everyday. In our gym everybody does the same workouts and we scale each workout to each individual from my Dad to some of the top athletes in Ireland.

If you don't enjoy the style of training you do, it is impossible to stay consistent and this is the key to great results. So why not pop in for a Free Trial and see what the hype is all about.

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