As one of 6 world major marathons, Berlin marathon is well known for setting PBs. It’s flat and fast and with the right coral start, ok weather conditions,  a PB is an real prospect.
This September, Berlin was my 5th of 6 works majors to run.  Not only did I get a PB in September 27th, I crushed my previous best time by 21 minutes coming in at 3:39 with faster splits in second half of the race.
I had put in my training runs, weekly long run but less maintenance runs than usual. Cross training with Crossfit without question is the factor that gave me a major edge this year. I simply didn’t tire and felt strong right up to the end with super fast recovery after the race. The next day my legs felt normal.
I guess it’s logical really. Building lower body and core strength with strength training combined with high intensity conditioning is bound to compliment a discipline like distance running. Running is very one dimensional. It requires discipline to get the miles in but adding a strength element fuels that cardiovascular conditioning. I have progressed a lot since starting With Crossfit Navitas nearly a year ago. My running training is much more efficient now than ever before. I get much more out of less time on the paths; all down to strength training and the competitive edge that comes with the fun teamwork approach of CrossFit.
I did a fast half marathon earlier this year (1:41) but thought it was a bit of a fluke and that maybe CrossFit training had played a role. Now with this finish time of 3:39 in Berlin I know without doubt that CrossFit cross training has had a major positive impact.
Let’s see if can I do a sub 3:30 in Toyko next year, my last of the 6 world majors. Would be pretty special to get the six star medal (awarded for running all 6 world major marathons) wearing a CrossFit Navitas training top!

Liz O'Brien

What a whirlwind the past couple of months have been for me. For those of you who have been living under a rock or just haven’t had the pleasure of Morley’s dulcet tones chatting “Leinster, Leinster” I had the honour of being called into the Leinster senior women’s squad for my 6thseason.

This could not have been possible without the 6:30am crew and Coaches from Crossfit Navitas. From the text messages (Sally, Sheena) that got me out of bed when my body ached to cheering me on from the side-lines.

Working as a part time coach when I got the call up to the squad I had the tough decision of either staying put and coaching in Navitas or going full throttle at the rugby squad. For Alex, Chops, Morley and Pete it was a no brainer. They backed me 100% and said go play for Leinster.

With that incredibly backing I spent the past couple of months training most nights on the pitch. It goes without saying the guys kept an eye on me in the gym, making sure I was never over working it. Particularly when I had some crucial rehab to get through mid-season, they were the voices of reason to not go and lift heavy but to take a step back and work easy. It’ll all be worth it in the end, they said and boy were they right. Being fully fit and able to run out against Ulster in the first game of the inter provincials was unreal.

Games at that level take a toll on the body and if it wasn’t for the excellent programming and attention to detail in prehab and rehab from the guys I’m not sure my body would’ve have been where it needed to be.

Now that the series is over I’m back in the gym 100% making everyone smile on Saturdays where the crew know there may be a heavy thruster or two in store for them.

Much Crossfit/Rugby love guys

Ann-Marie Rooney

Why I joined Crossfit:
1. Moved to a new country, so I wanted to meet new people in connection with sport.
2. Try something new.
3. I only did a DIY-kind-Crossfit in Germany on an old rugby pitch before (outdoor, all year long even in the snow), so wanted to try an official Crossfit gym.
4. Have professional coaches like Al
Experience at Navitas:
Never experienced extremely welcoming and so friendly people-that was totally underestimated! Amazing meeting so many people with completely different background, but still all the same healthy/sportive mindset. I didn’t expect the community aspect to be so important! Thanks to the coaches of course💪🏼
How I’ve improved:
Everyday I’m learning new things, get stronger or faster, that’s what makes it so motivating to keep going.
When I joined, summer 2015 I weighted 68kg and had a semi healthy lifestyle. I could just about do one pull-up in my intro session and hardly even understood what the Irish coaches where trying to tell me…Since navitas, I lost 8kg, changed my lifestyle to more healthy. My body fat went down from 26% to 18% (is that correct? You have the measurements somewhere I think) I always did running, but with Crossfit, I improved timings massively. In 2017 i ran the Dublin marathon without any running training in 3hrs11min. Solely being prepared through Crossfit. Also what crossfit taught me is to continuously test and increase your own borders and every now and again go far beyond the comfort zone, that helps everywhere in life situations not just in sports!

Jasmin Wonik


To sum CF navitas up in the last 9 months it really has become a huge part of my life and one of my favourite places to be.I have made some really super friends including the trainers and we’ve had some really fun nights out (these guys know how to work hard but party even harder). Each class is going to be different so you are going to learn so many different skills and techniques as well as to learn to lift heavier, box jump higher, burpee quicker, plank hold longer and run faster.There will literally be blood, sweat and tears,but at 32 yrs old I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been, i’ve pushed myself and shown i can be as fit as any 24 year old by being number one under three work out challenges on the leader board and its all down to personal mindset and Navitas and their fantastic training team! I’d urge you all to give it a go and come down and see what its all about.Promise you “definately” won’t look back and we’ll all be there to welcome you to the Navitas family and work together to help support you achieve your amazing results and personal goals too!!! Helen

Helen Mullan


When I was first told about Crossfit Navitas, I have to say that I felt I was too old to be bothered messing around a Gym that looked like a scene out of “Mad Max”!!!! But I did and now I am the happier for it, basically you are taken care of from the time you enter to the time you leave, ( this is the difference I was looking for ) during the sessions the boys talk us through our program,help us get through it and also tell us all about nutrition. Crossfit fits my life right now,and I leave the gym everyday with a smile on my face,ready to face whatever life is going to throw at me !!!!! Desmond Brown.

Desmond Brorn

Master athlete

Since joining Crossfit Navitas last June I can honestly say the only regret that I have is that I didn’t find Crossfit sooner. It is so much more than just a gym. The coaches and other members inspire and encourage you to achieve things you never thought possible at first. It is the bombardment of fresh terms, philosophies, movements, efficiency techniques and crucially the variety of workouts that make it so special. The coaching, programming and importantly atmosphere in Navitas is excellent .It is almost impossible not to far exceed the goals that you set for yourself once the quality advice is taken on board. I thoroughly recommend Crossfit Navitas and can only recommend, regardless of your current condition/fitness level that you try it. It will change your perceptions of what is physically and personally achievable. Colm Dawson

Colm Dawson


Two months after joining Navitas it was the start of pre-season rugby training, and that was when I started noticing that I was fitter after the 2 months of Crossfit than I was at the end of a rugby season. Because Crossfit is all about constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity, what you learn in the gym you apply to everything outside of the gym. I could instantly see that Crossfit was going to improve my rugby both physically able to tackle harder, also run longer and faster and have a bigger engine to go harder for longer. The thing that I love most about Crossfit is that you never plateau.

Conor O'Beirne