Happy New Year to you all! Bring on 2020.

We’re coming towards the end of our current barbell cycling work and will be retesting DT next Wednesday. The aim of this cycle was to get members more comfortable holding on to the barbell for time, moving the bar fast. We also began our front squat cycle with an initial 1RM test, and we’ll continue with this now as our Major focus and retesting in 6 weeks time.

Moving into 2020 there is a lot more focussed time leading up to the Open compared to 2019. Hosting 2 Opens in the same year meant a lot less dedicated prep time, so we’re excited for things to return to normal again this season.

We will be sending out the new 2020/2021 full year breakdown with the next cycle of programming. Cycle 4 of Phase 3 will conclude the Projects 2019-2020 year.

January into February. 
We will continue with the front squat as our major priority, along with a good mix of pressing and deadlift throughout. We do not have a specific gymnastic focus, we are trying to attack all areas of gymnastics, predominantly under fatigue.

Dates for the Diary
Wednesday 22nd: Rowing workout
Wednesday 29th: Deadlift for time
Tuesday: 11th: Wall ball, power clean interval
Wednesday 26th: Front squat retest

Please let me know if you have any questions throughout the month, I will happily send videos of movement demo, or how to implement something in class environment.

Any feedback always welcome 🙂

Here is to a great 2020!