Hey Guys,

A little recap on cycle 3 that is coming to completion: We continued to work through our front squat cycle along with high volume barbell cycling. We’ll see all the front squat work pa off next Wednesday when we re-test our front squat 1RM, I can’t wait to hear what your members achieve! Gymnastics had no single targeted movement, we mixed this up as much as possible with Body Weight and Weighted pulling and pushing variations.

Moving into March and  April (Cycle 4 of Phase 3), we will focus more intently on the barbell cycling work. High volume will still dominate our cycling sessions and there will be opportunities to build to heavy tap and go power and full snatches.

For Gymnastics we will again take a general and broad approach with movements, completing volume under fatigue and working with loads of EMOMs.

Dates For the Diary:
– Monday 2nd: Build to heavy power snatch
– Thursday 12th: First chipper for some time
– Tuesday 17th: Running clock workout
– Thursday 26th: 1rm Snatch
– Tuesday 7th: 18.3

Our focus at Projects for this next programming year coming up is to work more closely with our gyms and helping you implement the programming as effective as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out about anything, we’re here to help.