Welcome to Phase 3, cycle 1 of the 2019 programming year.

We come toward the end of the Open early in this next cycle, and get back into our
Major and Minor focuses.. We had no direct strength focus the last 6 weeks of programming, it’s always a busy time of the year and good to keep things simple with a general strength approach.

We hope the Open has been a great success at your gym if you took part!

Recapping Cycle 2 of Phase 2, we had a great mixture of short and long workouts, and we tested our 1rm strict press and front squat.

We kick off our new bout of programming with the initial tests for our Major and Minor cycles. Our Major will be the Bench Press, Minor is a Barbell Cycling focus – we will test and retest this using DT.

Dates for the Diary:
Monday 28th: 1rm Bench Press
Tuesday 29th: DT
Monday 4th: Snatch and run workout
Wednesday 3rd: ME Clean and Jerk
Wednesday 4th: Bench Press retest