July Recap:

We kicked off our new olympic lifting cycle and tested our 1rm snatch and clean and jerk. We’re also coming to the end of our major focus for the cycle – the back squat. We had some exciting and simple workouts mixed in along side some very gymnastically technical workouts. Going forwards, you’ll receive a complete cycle in advance (6 weeks) instead of 1 month in advance. This should serve you better as you get to see the complete cycle instead of just parts of it. The programming will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the new cycle starting.

August and September:
Our newest cycle will see olympic lifting become our major priority whilst the minor focus will be a general strength bias, targeting all round strength leading into the new open which will begin sometime in October.

We’ll be hitting our 1rm clean and jerk and snatch as a test and retest for the Oly lifting cycle.

Instead of having a specific gymnastic focus for this cycle, we have included as many movements as we can to ensure we expose members to all gymnastics movements on a regular basis leading into October’s Open.

dates for the Diary:
Wednesday 7th: 5k row
Monday 12th: Helen Variation
Wednesday 21st: Hang Cluster Workout
Friday 6th September: Clean and Jerk Retest
Wednesday 11th September: 1 Rm Snatch retest