Hey guys,

Welcome to the new Projects year.

Definitely a strange start to the year with everything that is going on in the world. We hope you are all staying safe and getting loads of support in this challenging time. We’ll continue sending out Home Sessions and video’s for your members, hope these are helping!

You will have received the yearly outline of strength cycles we sent out, we have decided to kick off with a major deadlift cycle, along with a back squat minor cycle. This year we are using a 2RM to test and retest the Deadlift.

When it comes to the back squat, we will initially test a 1rm as this is the goal of the cycle. But we have introduced a volume test also. We will work at 100/70kg (225/155lb), or 50% of 1RM for members who are not quite able to use those prescribed weights just yet for this style of test. The aim for this test will be to complete max reps in one minute, moving consistently throughout. 

Dates for the Diary: 

Monday 13th April: Deadlift Test
Thursday 16th April: Back Squat Test
Friday 24th April: Open workout twist
Monday 27th April: Repeat of Running Grace
Friday 15th May: Difficult Diane
Wednesday 20th May: Deadlift Retest

We will design some test/re-test options for home too so that members can have something to test if they are having to be home over this time.

We hope you enjoy the programming, thank you for your continued support friends and we look forward to this year getting back on track for us all!

Much love,
CrossFit Navitas Team