Phase 3, Cycle 1 Recap: 
We began with a test of our 1rm bench press. We had many sessions with accessory lifts for the bench press. Great to hear a bunch of your gyms had a great time doing what they were calling “Beach Weights”. 

We also began our barbell cycling bias with our initial test of DT. As always around this time of year, we head into barbell cycling.

We hope you are enjoying our 20 min low volume triplets, very similar to the Open workout. We’re are certainly enjoying putting our members through these 🙂

Moving into December + January 2020 (Phase 3, Cycle 2)

We will continue to work heavily with the barbell. We will come toward the end of this cycle where the front squat will take over from our minor focus to become our major priority.

Workout wise this cycle, we have gone back in Projects history for some workouts. If you have been with us some time, you may recognise some gems!

Dates for the Diary:
Tuesday 10th: Front squat 1rm
Wednesday 11th: 20 min AMRAP triplet
Friday 20th: Open style Snatch and C2B
Monday 30th: Break up how you please
Wednesday 15th: Retest DT

Please do get in touch guys if you need anything guys. We say this each time we send the programming out, but we really would love to hear how you implement our programme in your gym and if you have any suggestions. If you would like more help in any way, please get in touch with me.

I would love to become more hands on with your gym.

Look forward to continuing to work with you guys.