Meet our Invaluable Team Members

Alex Dunlop (Big Business)


Fun Fact: I haven’t dropped a ball or anything that has been thrown at me since 1999

Robert Sweeney (Chops)


Fun Fact: I have double bulked one too many times

Kimmage Coaches

Ian Morley (Cake)


Fun Fact: I Love Cakes


Peter Phillips (The Professor)


Fun Fact: I’m over 5″ when I do box jumps

Ann-Marie Rooney (AMO)


Fun Fact: Yes I play for LEINSTER. Lets see how fun we can make these Saturday classes

Camden Coaches

Maciej Grzechowiak (The Maciej)


Fun Fact: I’m not sure if you know already but I’m a VEGAN, oh and I do CrossFit

Des Lavin (The Leprechaun)


Fun Fact: The Americans actually think I’m a real life Leprechaun

Benjamin Vignette (French Assassin)


Fun Fact: I was a dancer in “Step Up 2: The Streets” with my BFF Victor

Christian Martin-Roffey (The Stealty Llama)


Fun Fact: Yes I train in jeans and no top and what

Admin Team

Sheena Frost (Golf Rx)

Chief Admin

Fun Fact: I time my responses and lets just say I’m Rx. The time cap doesn’t count for me

Katie Redmond (Sausager)

Self proclaimed CEO through marriage

Fun Fact: My legs look like cocktail sausages and my favourite resting place is a pile of coats