This is our main Class in the gym. We focus on all the movements involved in CrossFit from Cardio – Weight Lifting – Gymnastics. Our main focus is teaching our members how to move better and increasing the Skills and Load after that. 

The program we follow is a GPP general physical preparedness. We run a 6 day cycle (Mon – Mon then Tue – Tue and so on) This allows members who come 3 days a week on specific days to not miss out on anything. 

Please note on the Schedule page CrossFit will be replaced with the name of the gym i.e. Camden Str or Kimmage.

CrossFit (Lite)

This Class is a more Cardio bias class, with no barbells. We start this class with a WOD (work out of the day) and it is normally a little longer than the regular class WOD, with no Barbells in it.

Once the WOD is over and if the members have the energy. We will go through some extra Skills or Strength work with them. 

We encourage Newbies to start off in this class and work up to the main Class. Also for the Hardcore this is a nice way to get in some extra Fitness. 


CrossFit (Fun Sat)

This Class is a coaches choice class. Where we encourage some fun games in the warm ups and partner/team WODs as the class.

It is more about having some Fun and interacting with members from other classes than your regular one. 

We also encourage members to Bring a Friend to this class if they wish. We also allow Free Drop Ins here.  

CrossFit (Off Peak)

This Class is the exact same class as the Regular CrossFit class. The only difference is with the membership.

This is a cheaper option for those who can train at the Off Peak times. This membership only allows you to sign into the classes with (Off Peak) on them. 

The membership includes CrossFit (Fun Sat) classes but it does not include CrossFit  (Lite) classes. If you want to avail of all classes you must upgrade your membership. You can do this at any time by emailing