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1104, 2020

Phase 1/Cycle 1 13th Apr – 22nd May

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Hey guys,

Welcome to the new Projects year.

Definitely a strange start to the year with everything that is going on in the world. […]

2902, 2020

Phase 3/Cycle 4 2nd Mar-10th Apr

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Hey Guys,

A little recap on cycle 3 that is coming to completion: We continued to work through our front squat […]

1801, 2020

Phase 3/Cycle3 – 20th Jan – 28th Feb

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Happy New Year to you all! Bring on 2020.

We’re coming towards the end of our current barbell cycling work and will […]

712, 2019

December + January 2020 (Phase 3, Cycle 2)

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Phase 3, Cycle 1 Recap: We began with a test of our 1rm bench press. We had many sessions with accessory […]

2610, 2019

Phase 3/Cycle 1 28th Oct – 6th Dec

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Welcome to Phase 3, cycle 1 of the 2019 programming year.

We come toward the end of the Open early in this next cycle, and get back into our
Major and Minor focuses.. We had no direct strength focus the last 6 weeks of programming, it’s always a busy time of the year and good to keep things simple with a general strength approach.

We hope the Open has been a great success at your gym if you took part!

Recapping Cycle 2 of Phase 2, we had a great mixture of short and long workouts, and we tested our 1rm strict press and front squat.

We kick off our new bout of programming with the initial tests for our Major and Minor cycles. Our Major will be the Bench Press, Minor is a Barbell Cycling focus – we will test and retest this using DT.

Dates for the Diary:
Monday 28th: 1rm Bench Press
Tuesday 29th: DT
Monday 4th: Snatch and run workout
Wednesday 3rd: ME Clean and Jerk
Wednesday 4th: Bench Press retest

1309, 2019

Phase 2/Cycle 2 16 Sept – 26 Oct

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The next 6 weeks of programming (Phase 2 / Cycle 2) will take us up until the end of October. 

We’re just coming out of our Olympic lifting cycle and into our general strength leading into the Open. This will now continue for the next block. We don’t have a specific gymnastics focus for this cycle, but will continue dialling in on technique and working on our volume. 

We have included two tests toward the end of October, both strength tests – movements we have indirectly worked on.

Dates for the Diary:
Tuesday 17th September: Strict pull up workout
Friday 27th September: 1 Mile for time
Thursday 26th September: 18.1
Thursday 3rd October: OHS EMOM
Thursday 17th October: Strict press 1rm
Monday 21st October: Front squat 1rm

We have changed our session plans slightly. Trying to include less content and focus more on the important content. Warm ups are different in that we have picked one movement of either the strength or conditioning component for us to coach and included progressions for each. Instead of a workout brief, we have changed this to WOD stimulus.This essentially now contains what we should be looking for from the workout. 

Let us know if you have any feedback on sessions plans etc, these are something that always need improving.

208, 2019

Phase 2/Cycle 1 5 Aug – 13 Sept

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July Recap:

We kicked off our new olympic lifting cycle and tested our 1rm snatch and clean and jerk. We’re also coming to the end of our major focus for the cycle – the back squat. We had some exciting and simple workouts mixed in along side some very gymnastically technical workouts. Going forwards, you’ll receive a complete cycle in advance (6 weeks) instead of 1 month in advance. This should serve you better as you get to see the complete cycle instead of just parts of it. The programming will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the new cycle starting.

August and September:
Our newest cycle will see olympic lifting become our major priority whilst the minor focus will be a general strength bias, targeting all round strength leading into the new open which will begin sometime in October.

We’ll be hitting our 1rm clean and jerk and snatch as a test and retest for the Oly lifting cycle.

Instead of having a specific gymnastic focus for this cycle, we have included as many movements as we can to ensure we expose members to all gymnastics movements on a regular basis leading into October’s Open.

dates for the Diary:
Wednesday 7th: 5k row
Monday 12th: Helen Variation
Wednesday 21st: Hang Cluster Workout
Friday 6th September: Clean and Jerk Retest
Wednesday 11th September: 1 Rm Snatch retest

2707, 2019

WOD 29/07/19

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2007, 2019

WOD 22/07/19

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1307, 2019

WOD 15/07/19

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