Our Valuable Team Members

Alex Dunlop (Big Business)
Alex Dunlop (Big Business)Coach/Owner
Fun Fact: I haven’t dropped a ball or anything that has been thrown at me since 1999
Rob Sweeney (Chops)
Rob Sweeney (Chops)Coach/Owner
Fun Fact: I have double bulked one too many times

Kimmage Coaches

Ian Morley (Cake)
Ian Morley (Cake)Coach/Physio
Fun Fact: I love Cakes
Peter Phillips (The Professor)
Peter Phillips (The Professor)Coach
Fun Fact: I’m over 5″ when I do box jumps
Ann-Marie Rooney (AMO)
Ann-Marie Rooney (AMO)Coach
Fun Fact: Yes I play for LEINSTER

Camden Str Coaches

Maciej Grzechowiak (The Maciej)
Maciej Grzechowiak (The Maciej)Coach
Fun Fact: I’m probably a better Break-Dancer then a CrossFitter and yes I am a ridiculously good CrossFitter
Des Lavin (The Leprechaun)
Des Lavin (The Leprechaun)Coach
Fun Fact: The Americans actually think I’m a real life Leprechaun
Nikki Barta (The Real Boss)
Nikki Barta (The Real Boss)Coach
Fun Fact: I would be a better Boss, then the two chumps up there
Dave McCrea (Ben)
Dave McCrea (Ben)Coach/Physio
Fun Fact: I once beat Rich Froning in a WOD
Christian Martin-Roffey (The Stealty Llama)
Christian Martin-Roffey (The Stealty Llama)Coach
Fun Fact: I train in jeans and no top
Nick Parkes (Suave)
Nick Parkes (Suave)Coach
Fun Fact: I’m new and I don’t need to train, look how well I look
Lucy Blue (Facebook)
Lucy Blue (Facebook)Facility Manager
Fun Fact: No hablo ingles. I love Facebook soooooo much, I put a post up every 10 minutes. I hope you all enjoy them 🙂